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"If you don’t have a good relationship with the now, you don’t have a good
relationship with life."

Ekhart Tolle

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"The exit out of the ego is the now."

Ekhart Tolle

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Anonymous asked:

hello beautiful. I need some advice. So I have been looking for a job and nothing seems to be popping up. Its stressing me out and its making me hard to be positive. I've always imagined myself with my career job by now...I've even considered changing career paths. Do you think this may be a sign to do so? HELP!!!

A Thousand & One Happy Thoughts answered:


Hello! It would be my pleasure to offer you some advice. Waiting for anything can be challenging & confusing. The best thing to do in a situation like this, is to first go inward. Think about all of your blessings & the things you have to be grateful for. You cannot be attached to the outcome of this pursuit or it will not manifest. You must first learn to be happy with your life as it is now. If you find yourself unhappy because you have not yet arrived at your goal, then you are still attached & must work on detaching yourself from this outcome.

Then, really ask yourself if having this job will make you happy. I would suggest meditating on having that career, living that career in your mind for a set amount of time each day. See if it makes you happy. Meditating not only helps you put that energy out & draw it in, but will also help you decide if you want to continue to pursue that path by living it in your mind. Try acting in any way possible as if you already had that job. Whatever actions you’d be doing if you had that job, do them, if possible. Small or large, anything of the sort helps heighten the energy frequency of it. & lastly, feel the joy of it as if it were already real. As you go through your day, find moments of stillness in which you feel that having this career is your current reality.

It also doesn’t hurt to continue to search, as long as doing so doesn’t disappoint 😉


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